"Jessika's Art is transcendent. She is able to make beauty using many different mediums and materials and each piece is breathtaking. Her use of color is particularly expert as is her eye for the use of very pleasing symmetry. Her love of balance and nature and peaceful living shows in her work. I love the print I purchased from her and look forward to buying many more pieces in the future." - Melissa Hanna, Raleigh, NC

"Jessika's work speaks for itself, but what it can't say is her attention to detail is only surpassed by her professionalism in dealing with commissioned pieces and delivery. I am thrilled to have worked with Jessika and to have one of her originals proudly displayed in my music room where it can be fully appreciated; seeing the movement Jessika creates through her artistry and technique." - Mya Olson, Bradley, SD

"LOVE LOVE LOVE Jessika's work and she couldn't be greater to work with. Very responsive, great communication and fast shipping. Much love for her." - Cayenne Ott, MT

"We love the mandala! It is so easy to get lost in the detail of it. I find it to have both bold feminine and tender attributes. The color is gorgeous and it will be a cherished piece of art work for the rest of my life!" - Kim Lowe, Seattle, WA

"Jessika has a unique artistic style that appeals to me in many ways, and her attention to fine detail is especially exciting to my mind. Jessika's careful and copious application of individual dots creates an amazing and complex thing to behold.  Move yourself farther away and the dots blend into a coherent image.  Get closer and the individuality of each dot becomes apparent.  Get even closer and you'll notice intimate details like dots inside of other dots.  Look even deeper and you'll start to pick out the minor imperfections that make hand painted art so amazing.  This thing you are looking at was not rendered by a computer or printed on a machine, everything you see is meticulously crafted by human hands.  It is really quite amazing to consider the effort that went into each of her paintings.  I look forward to future opportunities to see and own more of her work." - Spencer Hopper, SLC, UT