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The Plastic Mural Project literally started as a dream. I woke one morning with an image in my head of a huge, beautiful mural, spanning the entire length of a wall, near a busy beach, made entirely out of plastic lids, depicting sea life, surrounded by hundreds of people in awe of this art installation, thinking. Contemplating. The irony. The problem. One small part of the solution.

It’s not news we have a consumer greed, single-use, convenience-based, throw-away mentality in this country. Everything is “someone else’s” problem to solve.

I alone cannot save the planet. But I absolutely can help raise the individual’s level of awareness and consciousness through my art. Enter PLASTIC MURAL PROJECT. The plan: collect sturdy plastic lids by having people collect the lids they use, the lids they find, those their co-workers use, their favorite restaurants and coffee shops, and send them to me or the current mural location for installation, depending on the site.

Already I am receiving feedback from my “collectors” thanking me for bringing their awareness to how much single-use plastic they’ve been consuming, and then tossing. And now, refusing and reducing. With social media followings of over 40k people, we are off to a good start.


I need your help. I cannot do this alone. This is a group effort of collectors (those with the lids), supporters (those who can donate monetarily), and location donation (you’ve got “the spot”)!


If you can send lids, please collect and send only sturdy plastic lids. My motto is “If you can bend them, don’t send them.” And please just put them in a box, no additional plastic bags or ziplocs. If you would like to get your community involved, email me for a printable flier to hang at your local coffee shops, beach hang outs, restaurants, and workplaces.

PO BOX 630255


Each mural location (Yes! More than one, maybe more than a dozen!) will require individual planning and different materials and travel, shipping, and installation costs. Please consider donating anything you can to support this endeavor, hey, we’re keeping these lids OUT OF THE OCEAN, and making beautiful murals to raise awareness. All good things.
You can donate by sending any amount via Venmo @jessika-jacob


Do you own or frequent a place you would like to see one of my murals? Let’s talk! Please reach out to me at to start a conversation. This is the final step in making this dream a reality, and I know we can do it. I know I am not the only person wanting to make a beautiful difference in this world, helping to raise awareness on an individual and community level. We already are. And I would appreciate your help. We can do this. We can reach the world.

Locations are not limited to beach communities. Plastic pollution is a problem EVERYWHERE. I can design murals to fit any location/community/environment. Please reach out!

With hope for a future less polluted by plastic, cleaner oceans, and healthier sea life…


Jessika Jacob