When I was in middle school, I dropped out of the only art class I had ever taken when my teacher walked over to me, took the paintbrush out of my hand and said, "You're doing it wrong!"  I stood up (being only 14 or 15 years old), probably said a few choice words, then walked out of her class and never went back. She almost killed my inner artist.  How can anyone do art wrong?

I grew up watching my dad create incredible pieces of art.  It seemed out of reach that I would ever paint like he did.  I still don't.  I never will.  And now that I have young kids who sit and watch me paint, I have found myself reliving some of the moments I had with my dad.  The words, "Don't bump my table," come out of my mouth more times in a day than I can count, along with explanations of why my kids can't paint like me yet.

If you want to be an artist: paint, draw, create!   Not everyone was born to be an artist.  Some were born to sing, some were born to start revolutions, some were born to act, cook, run, sew, or make music.  All inspiring in their own right.  I receive so many compliments of people saying, "I wish I had your talent!"  My talent?  I wouldn't say I am any more talented than anyone else.  Far from it.  We all have our own special gifts, and the world needs each of us to give of our passions freely.  We can all make the world a better, more beautiful place when we follow our hearts and then SHARE them.

Do I like my art?  Sometimes.  Do I look at it and think, "I'm awesome,"  never.  I create because it makes me feel good.  It clears my head.  I don't create because I'm awesome, I create because I am able.

Contact me: jjacob@jessikajacob.com
I am happy to do custom and commissioned pieces.  Thank you for thinking of me.